Hillfort Public School is a co-educational school with the policy – “Class School preparing smart students.”

1. What is the teacher-student ratio at HPS?

Ans: HPS takes care of children with an evitable teacher-student ratio of 1:30.

2. What is your tuition policy?

Ans: Since the school gives personal attention to each and every child, external tuition and coaching are not advised. Remedial classes are regularly conducted.

3. Where can I find information regarding the admission procedure?

Ans: Check out ‘Enquiry form’ -feel free to contact us.

4. Which classes do you give admission for?

Ans: Any class with a vacancy. The classes strength is 30 students in each class.

5. Why do you restrict the number of students in each class?

Ans: To ensure each child gets maximum personal attention.

6. In what ways can a parent interact with the school?

Ans: HPS encourages parents to take part in their child education.

  • Every year orientation program is organized.

  • The school organises ‘Parent- share a session’ in assembly, every week to share their thoughts.

  • Parents are invited as judges, to judge CCA Activities, conduct a class, assist teachers, etc.

  • Teachers are available for discussion on Saturdays with prior permission.

7. Are the fees refundable?

Ans: The school fees once paid will not be refundable in any case.

8. What happens if a child gets injured on campus?

Ans: HPS has first aid facilities for an emergency, GB hospital is 5 minutes away.


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