We believe that every parent who enters our portal is entrusting us with the most valuable possession they own – their child.

 Hillfort Public School® stamp on significant aspect of school i.e. transforming progressive assets into resource.

School from Home in nagpur is an adaptive online platform of Hillfort Public School CBSE school. Hillfort Public School powered its unique, unmatched and singular concept School from Home.

Columns of Concept :


It plays the key role to facilitate academic, physical & social environment.


Plays the role to brighten the future of our country.


Plays the role to participant in all academic and co-scholastics activities.

1. Online Admission Process

At Hillfort Public School, parents can complete the entire admission process Online at their fingertips. Finally download Hillfort Public School Assist App from play store for both Android and iOS phones online from home.
  • Online enquiry
  • Filling online enquiry form
  • Online entrance exam
  • Declaration of Result
  • Online Fees payment
  • Online documentation
  • Registration
  • Filling Feedback form

2. eTeach Content

Download Aarka-eTeach Content using provided link and access the content on laptop or desktop. eTeach facilitates :
  • Real Time Video Shoots
  • PDF Books
  • Animated videos
  • Study material
  • Worksheet
  • e-Paper
  • e-Library
  • e-Asessment
  • e-Tube
  • e-Sports

3. Live Doubt Session

In this new feature, interactive live doubt classes will be conducted, where students can clear their doubts.
  • Scheduling of doubt Session
  • Sending of meeting ID
  • Joining of meeting
  • Going Live

4. eAssessment

Evaluation gets done through eAssessment in objective form to evaluate the students work and their knowledge. Scheduled Online exams are conducted.
  • Conduct/Schedule Exams
  • Inform Student
  • Send Credentials
  • Go Live
  • Attempt
  • Submit

5. ERP Solution

Integrated system for effective administration.
  • Sending notifications
  • Sending real time updation of school events
  • Issue of fees receipts
  • Maintenance of students data
  • Issuing Report Cards, Halltickets
  • Managing HR & Payroll of Employees
  • Exam schedules
  • Tracking school bus locations
  • Sending Homework
  • Managing Relative Pass to leave the school premises
  • eVoting for selecting school cabinet

6. Hillfort Public School Assist App

A parent centred app for being aware of school activities.
  • eVoting
  • Attendance
  • Exams
  • Sports
  • CCA
  • Homework
  • Trackway
  • Events
  • Notifications
  • Fees
  • eMagazine

7. Hillfort Public School Teacher Assist App

Integrated system for effective administration.
  • Attendance
  • Notifications
  • Homework
  • TrackWay
  • Relative Pass
  • Events
  • Sports
  • CCA
  • Exam Details
  • eMagazine
  • e-Voting

8. Co-Curricular Activities

Schooling is a best combination of scholastic and co-scholastic activities.In School From Home concept, we are providing the online co-curricular activities along with the academics. “Sharpner of wide range of skills” 1) Indoor: co-curricular activities ( indoor includes chess clubs, talent shows, spell bees and writing competitions, debates, quiz competitions, drama etc.) enhances students socio-cultural, mental development. 2) Outdoor : Outdoor co-curricular activities involve different activities like sports, plantation (Van-Mahotsav), Mass drill, Yoga, Athletics, Crass Parade which prove beneficial for students physical enhancement.

9. e-Tube

e-Tube a Heart and Soul of Aarka eTeach Application as it provides availability of all the services under one Roof.

It encompasses :

i) Live Assembly.
ii) Doubt session for students.
iii) e-Assessment direct access to online exam.
iv) Principal’s Message :
Message given by the principal for students concern.
v) Directors Message :
Very important Message to be given.
vi) Covid 19 :
Daily updates on this important topic.
vii) Man ki Baat :
Now live streaming will be visible to the kids through e-Tube.

10. e-Sports

Sports play crucial role to develop mental and physical fitness.It makes you strong and improves toughness.This portal ensures to teach technical and practical aspects of Indoor and Outdoor games.

  • Specialized class wise curriculum.
  • Provision of Indoor as well as Outdoor games.
  • Provision of Theoretical PDF.
  • Provision of practical videos.
  • Provision of MCQ worksheets.
  • Provision of Specialized Trainers.

It’s School from Home! Get admission from Home and also Get Knowledge from Home.

Stay Safe, Stay at Home, but Stay Connected Via School from Home.

Change is the only permanent thing, and Progress is impossible without change.